The Menu

(Above: Example Menu Chalkboard. Do not use as a current menu.)

Authentic smoked Craft BBQ takes a long time and supplies can be limited. Therefore, the Saddleback BBQ menu & chalkboards in the restaurant may change from time to time. Above is a picture of one of our most recent menu chalkboards. We have also included a list of or most popular items and their price at the time of this posting. We provide this information for you to use as a general guide but we cannot guarantee this exact menu or pricing. What we can guarantee you is that we will do our very best to provide you with the highest quality authentic southern BBQ possible!

Saddleback BBQ Okemos Dine-In Menu
(Some menu options for DIne-In service are NOT available for carry-out)
Okemos Dine-In Food Menu
Okemos Dine-In Drinks Menu

Brisket 1/3lb $8.00
Pulled Pork 1/3lb $7.00
Baby Back Ribs Half Rack $15.00
Baby Back Ribs Full Rack $26.00
Pulled Chicken 1/3lb 
Full Smoked Chicken Quarter (Reo Town Only)$7.00 
Oberon Beer Can Chicken (Okemos Only)$8.00 
Pulled Pork Sandwich$8.50
Brisket Sandwich$9.50
Pulled Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Pulled Chicken Tacos$8.00
Corn Cake (3 Scoops) $4.00
Mac & Cheese$4.00
Baked Beans$3.50
Potato Salad$3.50
Coleslaw (Southern)$3.00
Pork Rinds$2.25
Fresh Cut Fries$3.00
Vernors Sweet Potatoes$3.50
Collard Greens$4.00
Chipotle Pasta Salad$3.50
Tuesdays: #RespectThePig Day. Pulled Pork Sand & Fries!$9.99
Wednesdays: Wu Tang Wings!$8.00
Fridays: Brisket Burnt Ends$9.00
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*Menu items and pricing subject to change at any time with or without notice.